Have you ever shopped at Aldi and thought, “Wow, it’s a bit quiet in here…”

You wouldn’t be going crazy. Aldi has made the decision as a brand to play no music in its stores, making your trip a much more silent experience.

Loyal fans of the supermarket chain love the idea, especially those with family members with special needs.

“I like less lights and no music for my child – she has autism so was always less triggered in Aldi,” a shopper has recently written on Facebook.

So, what is the reason behind the peace and quiet? Well, it turns out it helps keeps prices low – and we can’t complain about that!

“While our customers won’t be singing along to music in our stores, we hope they’ll be singing praises about the money they’re saving,” an Aldi spokesperson told 7News.com.au

“We have always said we are different to other retailers – we think, Good Different.


“We pride ourselves on saving our customers’ time and money, and we are able to achieve this by removing unnecessary features and costs from our stores such as music.

“This has allowed us to create a simple, affordable and more efficient shopping experience for our customers.”