It seems like every day we’re reporting a new food hack that’s come across our desk from TikTok, and today is just the same.

This viral hack allegedly reinvents how we cook pasta, but to be honest it just has us asking “why?”

In the video shared on TikTok we see a woman boiling pasta in the pasta sauce…and not water.

You know water? Like what every other normal person has done forever.


If you love a certain New York Italian restaurant chain this ones for you. #lifehacks #foodies #foodtiktok #newyorkitalian #frankieandbennys

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And unlike all the other food hacks we stumble across, people are not exactly excited about this one.


The video’s comment section lit up with people pointing out all the reasons why the idea is just plain wrong.

One person wrote in reaction to the idea: “As an Italian. No”, while another simply wrote “Thank you for the hack but no”.

What do you think, is this a terrible idea or a genius time saver?