We all know and love our fairy godparents, the classic UDL.

Well they’ve gifted us with the ultimate summer present… the easiest cocktail you’ll ever make, their new cocktails in a can.

Two flavours of classic summer cocktails that just need to be cracked open to enjoy.

“UDL Cocktails are here to help maximise fun, by nodding to iconic summer cocktails and adding a fizzy twist. Blue Lagoon and Pina Colada flavours are ready to grab in a pre-mix can, meaning more time to enjoy with mates all summer long.” Maddy Stockwell, Marketing Manager, Light Spirits, Diageo Australia.

Blue Lagoon is a deliciously fizzy mix of Vodka, Blue Lemonade and Orange.

Pina Colada is the classic yummy mix of Vodka, Pineapple, White Rum & Coconut.

Summer is all about fruit, and now it comes in a 375mL can in leading liquor stores across Australia.


You can expect a 4 pack to go for $19.99 and enjoy 1.2 STD per can.