We’re always trying to find new ways to cut out the bad stuff and eat healthier.

But what if you could have delicious, satisfying food that’s better for you?

Enter Braddon’s whole food saviour… Sweet Bones!

A rustic café providing fresh, inventive, hearty dishes made from organic, local, plant-based substitutes.

From Mexican plates and crowd pleasers to smoothie bowls, all day breakfast and a daily assortment of freshly baked sweet and savoury treats, the Sweet Bones menu has something to entice everyone.

Craving a Mexican feast? Try the Belco Bowl! Jam packed with brown rice, corn chips, beans, fresh salsa, scrambled tofu, creamy cilantro sour cream, chipotle kale and a vegan version of Mexican cheese sauce, queso. Plus, you can add some kick with the perfectly marinated spicy seitan – a protein-rich, very convincing meat substitute.

Being a bakery as well, I couldn’t go past the BBQ Tempeh Melt on a freshly baked Turkish roll. While there were healthier options on the menu, the plant-based substitutes in this dish made my decision a lot easier.


Packed full of tempeh (a soy product like tofu), marinated mushrooms, creamy coconut cheese, caramelised onions, plenty of rich, tasty barbeque sauce and house-made vegan mayo, this deliciously designed sandwich tasted like the real deal, without the nasties.

And if that doesn’t get you, I’m sure the freshly baked treats at the counter will. With raw slices, ‘sausage rolls’, cupcakes and more, you’ll find yourself nibbling on a soft, creamy Cinnamon Scroll quicker than you can say Veganism.

You may be someone who thinks twice about eating plant-based dishes, but the flavours and textures are nothing short of convincing. Sweet Bones has become a staple Braddon café, serving everyone from your local brunch-goers to the tradies down the road on smoko.

It’s the perfect place to indulge in healthier versions of your favourite dishes.