We all have been doing our best to support local businesses. Whether that’s through your local grocery shop, restaurants, trades, products or services. One product I didn’t think I could get locally was a bit of skin care. Well I (and you) are in luck because we’ve found a local business called Harvestcare that creates a range of hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and more products. What is even better is that these products are made to help reduce single plastic usage.

I went online and purchased a couple of products to test them out. I got the hand soap (perfect time because of COVID-19), surface spray and body wash. The products were delivered the next day and were even dropped off by the owner of the business, Tammy Ven Dange. This was a nice touch and we spoke a little bit about the products and how they came about.

Harvestcare is a part of a local company, The Refoundry, whose mission is to create great products that reduce plastic. In fact, the products I bought were originally created for the hotel industry to reduce their single-use plastic but since COVID-19, they’ve pivoted to create these products for sale to the general public.

The products are stored in an aluminum packaging which means you can refill them (easy and less waste). I also learnt that all of ingredients are sourced locally from producers and soap makers. The olive oil is sourced from Canberra region groves, and the coconut oil from Kokonut Pacific in Queanbeyan. It is even bottled in Canberra.

When I first used the hand and body wash, the fragrance was amazing, Lemon Myrtle. The scent reminded me of the Australian bush. After using the products, the smell lasted quite a while. This was great as it was sweet but refreshing. Plus, I have used so many products where you wash your hands and the scent is gone after about 5 minutes.

The surface spray also has a nice smell. As I am working from home, I have been using this much more than I thought. When you spray, you get a nice little scent of orange and if needed you can wipe away. It has kept my area fresh.


To purchase you can head to https://harvestcare.com.au. Right now, there is a deal for free delivery to those in the ACT. Plus, you may be able to find them in your local store as they are adding local retail partners every week.