Whether you’re a total novice or consider yourself a bit of an at-home beauty guru, there’s probably something the two ladies behind ‘That Beauty Podcast’ can still teach you. 

Carli Alman, Ex-Editor at BEAUTY/crew has combined heads with InStyle Magazine’s Beauty Editor, Bettina Tyrell to launch a podcast that can be your go-to-guide for all things beauty.

With two titans of the trade handing out tips and tricks like candy, I know I’ll be tuning in on the reg, how else would I have found out that chunky highlights are back in?

I am not even kidding… In episode 1 of ‘That Beauty Podcast’ the two ladies have special guest award-winning hairstylist Anthony Nader come in. 

He confirmed that chunky highlights were making a comeback .

Apparently with the right styling and cut it can “look like it’s just been sun-kissed…it all has to do with the placement and tone”.


The ladies also pose a question to each other “What was your last beauty product purchase”, which is a great way to get a gauge on what’s trending and what actually WORKS!

Carli recently invested in a $4 bottle of Redwin’s Tea Tree shampoo which she recommends for a once-in-a-while deep scalp and hair clean. 

However the sulfates in the product can be very drying so it’s not to be used too often. 


Bettina latest purchase Zitsticka Killa for those nasty blind pimples. 

They are micro-needling patches that are a great way to reduce inflammation and size overnight.

They also keep your fingers away from touching – Remember rule #1 is ‘no touching the pimple.’



There you have it, you’ve already learnt three new things and you haven’t even listened to the podcast yet.

The ladies continue to talk further to Anthony about what styles and hair colour trends are taking off right now.