I’ve got the scoop guys.

KitKat is releasing two ice cream inspired flavoured bars, Mint Choc Chip and Caramel Crisp.

They’ll be available in a block or the classic 4-finger bar for the second half of our summer season!

Because what’s a better combo than summer and ice cream?

KitKat Ice-Cream Inspired Mint Choc Chip is coated in a creamy mint flavoured chocolate with a milk chocolate base and a topping of Swiss cocoa crisps.

KitKat Ice-Cream Inspired Caramel Crisp is coated with a creamy caramel flavoured chocolate and a white chocolate base topped with French caramel flakes.

They both sound incredible, with that little fancy twist taking them to the next level!


The two new flavours will be available across Australia in all the big supermarkets and some selected convenience stores.