You always need to be on high alert in Australia. Danger seems to be lurking in every corner and in this case, backyard pool.

Recently, a family in Marino were horrified to find an eastern brown snake having an afternoon dip in their pool.

Posted on Snake Catchers Adelaide, the highly-venomous snake can be seem slithering in the overflow channel to “cool down in the heat”.

Source: Snake Catchers Adelaide

A nice reminder to keep an eye out for snakes over summer as one commenter said “keep an eye out… the little buggers seem to be everywhere this Summer!”

With around 3,000 snakebites a year, let’s quickly refresh your knowledge with what to do if the worst happens and what to do if someone gets bitten.


Step 1 – Lay victim down and be calm, call 000, do not move the victim and firmly apply compression bandage.

Step 2 – Do not wipe bite, just cover with dressing. Wrap up the limb, trying to get all the way to the groin or armpit. Compression should restrict blood flow.

Step 3 – Mark where the bite is over the bandage.

Step 4 – Splint the limb if possible and keep the victim calm.

Another ‘gorgeous little brown snake’ was removed from Mawson Lakes from a sliding door frame.

One commenter said “ever since I’ve been following you guys on social media I always check my sliding door, in all the little nooks and crannies! But I also don’t leave my door open anymore, just in case.”


We will be also taking this advice, or moving to Antarctica. There’s no snakes there right?