What is the one thing you have done for the past 10 years? That is 3,650 days. Imagine doing this one thing, but that is in the form of foster caring. This is a milestone achieved by a local foster carer Matt.

Matt kind of fell into foster caring as he didn’t have children of his own and had troubles having his own family. Matt did his research into IVF, adoption and more. This is when he found out about local foster care and was able to read more about what this entails. Matt and his family decided that foster care is something worth trying.

Over the past 10 years Matt’s family has foster cared for a number of children requiring different needs. The types of care Matt has provided includes respite, which is for shorter period of time such as a weekend or a few hours a month right through to long term permanent care. At times support may be needed and that is where ActTogether comes in. The professional support that this organisation provides is extremely helpful and assists in supporting the foster carer and the children they currently care for.

The impact foster caring has had on Matt and his family has been immensely worthwhile. It has provided a lot of enduring memories and now he looks after two beautiful girls. Matt and his family have also made a lot of friends within the foster care network.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be a foster carer, this chat is a must listen.

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