Say goodbye to that soggy leftover salad you packed for work and venture off the Florida Keys (or the next best thing, Civic) to a place called Kokomo’s.

It probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when looking for a worthwhile lunch special, but this disguised gem knows how to make quality, intriguing dishes for great value.

Whether you’re trying to impress clients on a small budget or feel like a change from the usual greasy three-day-old lunch buffet, the menu at Kokomo’s features a variety of flavoursome trans-pacific eats.

Designed to share, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with your work friends while trying 5 unique dishes for $25 per person.

And the beauty of it is, there’s thousands of combinations.

Feel like indulging? You deserve it. Create your own rich, filling feast, with Thai Fried Chicken, kewpie mayo and Kokomo’s very own hot sauce.

And don’t forget to try the Cinnamon Spiced Calamari – Whoever thought of this combo needs the food equivalent of a Nobel Prize… Cinnamonobel Prize?


Trying to fit a diet into your busy schedule? Go for a lighter selection and try the lemon chicken salad – a fresh, crunchy combination with a slightly tangy twist.

Or go for a mix in the middle. That’s the joy about their menu, it’s your pick!

They even have a full vegan tasting menu, including Sweet Potato Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Mushroom Pancakes and the lightly crispy, melt in your mouth Tempura Eggplant with ginger lime caramel, nashi pear and cashew nuts… yum!

And if you’re celebrating a birthday or promotion or hey, if you just feel like it, why not add a famous Kokomo’s cocktail… or two?

So, if you’re wanting to try delicious, inventive lunch dishes without breaking the bank, go down to Kokomo’s.