You officially have the perfect excuse to put the diet on hold this Sunday – Maccas will be selling their cheeseburgers for just 50c!

As part of their annual 30 Days 30 Deals promotion, anyone with the need for a feed will be able to grab one of these bad boys by ordering through the mymacca’s app on Sunday November 1. At that price, you could justify grabbing two!

Across the month of November, Maccas will have several daily deals you’ll want to keep an eye out for, such as $2 Big Macs, $1 McFlurrys, and $1.50 Thickshakes.

You and your friends can also nab $8 Mates Share Packs and $5 McChicken Meal + Cheeseburger deals as well (or just keep it to yourself, whatever works!)

Happy feasting!