A Brisbane woman has begged inspectors not to one her ‘$100’ for breaching parking limits in her street by leaving a note on her windscreen.

The woman, named Kel, left the note after parking outside the University of Queensland campus in Kelvin Grove in Brisbane.

Her plea was spotted by a resident and posted to Reddit, with some calling it ‘rude.’

“Dear Mr Parking Inspector,” the note begins.

“Please don’t put another $100 parking fine on my car as it is not my financial responsibility if Brisbane council have technical problems.

“I am a resident in this s**thole street.


The notes then goes on to say that not fining her might make the parking inspector “feel good” as opposed to being an “a**ehole”.

However, it was discovered the note didn’t work as a fine was left on her windscreen.

“She parked in a 15 minute bay, what does she expect’ one person said, while another chimed in “It’s not the parking inspectors fault, he is just doing his job.”