Aldi shoppers might be thinking twice about using one popular beauty product on their skin after one eagle-eyed Aldi fan pointed out a random-sounding ingredient.

The product, Lacura You’s The Booster Hyaluronic Acid cream, became the focus of a hearty debate on the Aldi Mums Facebook group after shopper Shelley pointed out the ingredient.

In a post in the group, Shelley noted that she had been excited to use the much-hyped product, but after some research found that one of the ingredients was defined as “mammal urine”.

The ingredient, urea, is added to a variety of skincare products to help keep skin hydrated.

Shelley wrote that she had been hearing a lot about the Aldi product so grabbed one to give it a try.

“A bit more research when I got home to discover the secret formula … urea! Yup, mammal urine!” Shelley wrote.

However, fellow group members were quick to point out not only urea’s prevalence in skincare products, but also how it’s derived.


While some manufacturers use synthetic urea in their products, the compound derived from animals is non-toxic and used in a bunch of everyday items like shampoo and teeth whitening products.

We’re still going to think twice when we put the moisturiser on tonight though.