Bega Cheese Limited (Bega) has today announced it has formally acquired some of Australia’s fave brands such as Big M and Pura, bringing them back under Australian ownership.

The brands that will fall into the Bega family now include:

Milk based beverages including Dare, Farmers Union, Big M, Masters, Dairy Farmers, Canberra Milk; 
Yoghurt based brands Yoplait, Farmers Union, Dairy Farmers Thick and Creamy and The Culture Co; 
Juices including Daily Juice, The Juice Brothers, Mildura, Prima and Berri
Cream and custard from Pura, Dairy Farmers; and 
White milk brands Pura, Dairy Farmers, Masters, The Complete Dairy and Canberra Milk. 

Bega Cheese Limited’s Executive Chairman, Barry Irvin, said: We are delighted to return these iconic brands to Australian hands. This is a great moment for Bega and we couldn’t be more excited for such treasured brands to officially join the Bega family.” 

This isn’t the first Aussie icon to return to Aussie hands under Bega , with Vegemite purchased in 2017.

Irvin went on to say, “Bega continues to leverage and evolve our core business to become a respected and successful global food business, with a vision to become the great Australian food company. We invite you to celebrate this great moment for our business, and what it means for Australians. Thank you for inviting our brands into your homes, and your breakfast table, each day.”