It’s summer and if there’s one thing that’s annoying in the heat.. it’s flys.

And with windows being open longer, it means they are invading our space all day, every day.

But one mum has found a 99 cent Bunnings product, that you can buy in packs of 5 for $4.95, that really helps solve the issues.

Posting in the Bunnings Mums Australia group, the woman shared how she purchased a five-pack of the Buzz Mini Insect Pot Traps and placed them in her house plants around her home.

The traps work by putting them in your house plans and then when the fly lands on them, they are stuck into place.

“Ladies if you have a problem with flies in your home and don’t want to spray nasty chemicals invest in a few of these,” she wrote.


“This is just from today! When I throw them out it’s usually covered in flies.”

And the best bit of it all, there is no smell.

“I love them,” one person wrote.

“This looks insanely satisfying. Thank you!” another commented.