You may think you’re a Mojito master, or even a Gin and Tonic genius! But do your Pina Colada’s really have the perfect presentation?

For a flawless finish that’s sure to impress your guests, it all comes down to the right Glassware. And you may’ve been doing it wrong all along…

Here’s the top glasses you need for your home cocktail collection and the correct way to use them.

Coupe Glasses

The number one cocktail glass that should be on your list is the Coupe glass. These glasses have a wider rim making them perfect for garnishing. Plus, their round shape makes them much more forgiving when it comes to spillage.

If your bar is lacking these must-have glasses, look no further than Domayne! They have a range of beautiful glasses that will boost up your collection, like the detailed cut-glass Winston Coupe glass.

Cocktail Cosmo Glassware


Any shaken or stirred cocktails that’re served without ice will work great in a Coupe glass, including…

  • Charlie Chaplin’s
  • Strawberry Daiquiri’s

Highball Glasses

An essential in any home bar, these glasses are designed to be filled nearly to the brim with ice to keep your drink cold while you enjoy it! Highball glasses are perfect for any tall drinks using a large portion of non-alcoholic mixers, like…

  • Bloody Mary’s
  • Mojito’s
  • Vodka Soda’s
Highball Cocktail Glasses Domayne

For elegant Highball Glasses that’ll never go out of style, check out the Bond range at Domayne.


Martini Glasses

Believe it or not Martini glasses aren’t just used for Martini’s! These glasses are designed with a long stem to prevent your hand from warming the drink when holding it, so it’s perfect for any stronger cocktail served without ice, including…

  • Cosmopolitan’s
  • Manhattan’s
  • Espresso Martini’s
Martini Cocktail Glasses

You can up your glassware game with the stunning Winston Martini glasses from Domayne!

Rock Glasses/Tumblers

This classic glass’ main purpose is to hold neat spirits or spirits on the rocks, with its wide shape making it perfect for stylish oversized ice cubes. They’re also suited to stirred, chilled cocktails that require muddling, like…

  • Negroni’s
  • White Russian’s
  • Old Fashioned

Cocktail Glassware Serving Cart

Shot Glasses

Last but not least, a staple for those wilder nights is of course shot glasses. These glasses are designed with a thicker base to prevent it from shattering once you’ve slammed it down on the bar after a straight shot of liquor or mixed shooter, like a B-52.


Winston Tumbler Domayne

Complete your collection with Winston shot glasses from Domayne.


Cocktail Glasses Domayne

To find out more and to explore the full range, go see Trent and the team at Domayne today.

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