Internet users have condemned a photo appearing to show a newborn baby’s heavily-manicured fingernails.

The photo of the baby’s hand was posted to Reddit and appear to show the child to have perfectly-shaped nails.

The image first popped up in 2017, this time being posted on the social media site’s r/Trashy subreddit, with users quick to label the photo “disgusting”, “dangerous” and “very gross”.

Baby manicure from r/trashy

One user pointed out the danger of babies having sharp fingernails, writing: “Poor lil thing is going to scratch themself!”

While the person posting the image responded in hope that the whole thing was just staged for the photo.


“I hope they did this just for the picture but then again they let the baby’s nails grow this much.”

Others called the image oddly terrifying and compared it to something out of a horror film.

But it was this call from user u/Hankman66 that was perhaps the best point that anybody made: “How come the adult holding this baby’s hand has such mangled nails? Doesn’t make sense.”