Choosing a baby name is really difficult and sometimes you can think you have nailed it or got it wrong.

And according to a new survey by Gigacalculator, a huge 73% of parents thought they could have named their children something better and 30% admitted that they didn’t give enough thought to their child’s name.

The biggest reason for regretting their choice was because they felt their child grew out of their name as they got older.

Others said they changed their mind because a friend chose the same name for their child or a celebrity named their baby the same thing after them.

The names parents regret most for boys is Hunter, with 32% of parents who chose that name saying they didn’t like it now, Jaxon, with 29% and Carter with 28%.

For girls, 35% of parents who named their child Aurora said they now regret it, while 32% regret choosing Arabella and 28% regret naming their baby Lyla.

Names that parents would never name their kids included Boris and Donald, possibly based upon politicians and for girls, it was Karen and Meghan.


The most regretted boys names:
Hunter – 32%
Jaxon – 29%
Carter – 28%
Tobias – 25%
Oliver – 24%
Grayson – 22%
Felix – 21%
Jasper – 20%
Sonny – 17%
Dexter – 12%

The most regretted girls names
Aurora – 35%
Arabella – 32%
Lyla – 28%
Amber – 27%
Edith – 24%
Maryam – 21%
Harriet – 19%
Summer – 15%
Delilah – 13%
Gracie – 12%