If you have kids, this is a probably a situation that you have faced at some stage, whether you agreed to it or not.

Kids love sticking stickers just about everywhere, but they can be near impossible to remove without leaving permanent marks.

One woman has shared her handy hack to get those stickers off your walls, without even damaging the paint on your walls.

The hack was posted to the Facebook group Kmart Home Decors & Hacks Australia.

“Need to remove wall paper or wall stickers?” the post asks.

“Grab a $35 Kmart Garment steamer and peel off without damaging your walls! Easy as!”

Commenters heaped praise on the idea, with other Facebook users calling the idea a “genuine hack” and others reporting back that other approaches have failed in the past.


The handheld steamer is still available at Kmart for $35, you can find it online here.