When the sun is out, Canberra is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. No matter what the season, a picnic is a great idea (as long as it isn’t too wet). In summer you can stretch out and enjoy the warmth, while in winter its fun to be enjoying the company of your friends all snuggled up in blankets. If you are looking for your next picnic spot, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of places you can enjoy.

National Carillon

The Carillon is worth a visit. Located at Aspen Island on Lake Burley Griffin, the area has recently undergone a wonderful face lift that has made it an even better place to sit and enjoy the view of the Lake. On the island you’ll find plenty of shade and a few options to set up your picnic. On the right hand side, you’ll get a great view of Commonwealth Bridge and the largest part of the lake, while on the left you can look at the Kingston grasslands and Kings Avenue. Either option is great, but the best time to set up is late in the afternoon before the sun goes down.

Lennox Gardens

To get the best view of Black Mountain and Telstra Tower, Lennox Gardens is the best location to set up and sit down. The area contains a grassed area surrounded by trees so there is plenty of shade. The space is huge so you can find a spot and not feeling as if you are on top of others enjoying the sunshine. Our recommendation is to situate yourself closer to the lake (even though it does add a little bit more to your walk if you need to go to the toilet).

Inside Lennox Gardens is also the Nara Peace Park. This Park is actually a gift from Japan and China that celebrate the sister city links to Canberra. As you walk around you will see traditional Chinese welcome gate, sculptures and traditional Japanese gazebo and cherry blossoms.

Weston Park


One of the quietest but most beautiful spots to have a picnic in Canberra, Weston Park is a gem worth discovering. Located in Yarralumla, this park has a wading pool, beach, BBQs, playgrounds for this kids and public toilets. There are plenty of bins around so once you leave it is easy to clean up. What makes this park so unique is the tranquility you’ll find. The further into the park, there are plenty of area’s easily accessed via the carpark. Not only will you get a close up view of Black Mountain and Telstra Tower, but you will be treated to plenty of wildlife and the sound of water on the Lake.

Another great spot is located on the left hand side past the Nursery where you can sit and enjoy a sunset on the jetty. It can be very romantic, but beware of the ducks as the jetty may not be super clean so bring a blanket.

Mount Stromlo

Located just outside Canberra, the Mount Stromlo Observatory is one place that may not be on your list but it should be. There is so much on offer, but this area is best known for the sweeping views of the Brindabella’s. You will want to bring you camera as they are truly outstanding. The space is also large enough to spread out and enjoy a picnic with your nearest and dearest. The carpark is located very close to where you can set up so there isn’t too much of a walk.

Lake Ginninderra

If you live in and around Belconnen there are a number of great options for you and your friends to enjoy the outdoors. We have two clear favourites.


John Knight Memorial Park

Located on the eastern side of the Lake, this park is the largest area open area around Lake Ginninderra. Containing a large number of shaded seating, BBQs and public toilets there are so many options to set up. The best thing about this area is you can bring along some outdoor games such as cricket to play while you are enjoying some cheese and wine.

For the children there is a large playground that has a tree house to explore, a firefox and a play sculpture. In the play sculpture is a wave board, nest spinner and climbing net.

Bimbi Beach (off Diddams Close)

To the North of Lake Ginninderra you will find Bimbi Beach. The area is shaded throughout the day and is the perfect spot for those with four legged friends as there is a popular dog park nearby. There are two sections, one for small dogs and another for those on the larger size. Once they are done, you can take the down to the beach for a little paddle and enjoy the view looking south of Lake Ginninderra.

Near the beach are a few tables and chairs and the carpark is very short walk down to the water.


The next time you head out, remember to check this list as we reckon each and every one of these spots are worth a visit.