Most of us have probably only been able to enjoy the wonders of an old-fashioned Drive In via the big screen, from popular films like Grease.

But for those wanting to experience it for real, they finally can, but with a twist!

A Drive-In Party is coming to Canberra in August with a bunch of physically distanced fun on offer!

The Parking Lot Social is taking the jam-packed show around the country, with a different party program each night.

“So now you’re not just going for a movie, you’re going to see a comedy show, you’re going to see a live band play, everyone that arrives in their cars are part of this massive car-a-oke that we have set up. We have DJ’s, we have live bingo going on,” Tour Manager Tom Gay said.

“It was created because of COVID. We were on tour with another project we were working on and had to cancel that unfortunately. However, that didn’t stop us, because crazy times call for crazy solutions.”

There will also be food and drink available on-site, as well as social kids events for families with little ones.


And the best part is – you can enjoy it all from your car!

A Canberra venue is yet to be announced, but to be the first to score a spot, sign up here!