It’s no Monkey Business, these curious creatures face a tough fight out in the wild.

International Monkey Day this Monday helping to raise awareness of the struggles facing the species.

It’s currently estimated 70% of all primate species across the globe are threatened with more than 40% either listed as endangered or critically endangered.

Rachael Thomas from the National Zoo and Aquarium says there are several hurdles facing the species.

“Primates are currently suffering due to habitat destruction, deforestation, poaching for the bushmeat trade, pet trade and disease.”

However, Ms Thomas says efforts are being made to help turn the numbers around, with success in the Capital.

“In the space of about 3-6 years we’ve bred over 12 ring-tailed lemurs, 12 black and white lemurs, we’re currently still breeding our Cotton-top tamarins and we should be expected some tamarins later in the upcoming month.”


Canberrans can also do their part, making small changes, to help save the species.

“Because primates suffer from a lot of deforestation, one of the main things we can do to help them is to purchase wood that has come from sustainable locations.” Ms Thomas said.

International Monkey Day is celebrated every year on 14 December.

Picture: Kelly McGannon Photography