It’s really quite amazing how many Canberrans have NFI.

What’s NFI you ask? No… Floor… Insulation. And while we’re at it, incorrect ceiling and wall insulation too!

Talking about insulation to a Canberra homeowner is like explaining clothes to a nudist. People will very quickly layer up with clothes when the temperature drops, but neglect to put the right amount of insulation in their homes.

You may think old homes are cold because they’re old. But the truth is all in the insulation.

If you’re a victim of NFI, the heroes at Alexander Watson Insulation are here to make your old cold home, just an old home.

Like a wooley jumper on a Siamese cat, their high-performance insulation will keep your home warm, during Canberra’s inevitable Winter.

As Canberra’s leading specialists for existing homes, their exclusive spray foam insulation is engineered to suit our unique climate extremes.


Forget a trip to Hawaii this Winter. You could be comfortably butt naked sipping on a Pina Colada in the comfort of your own home!

And the best bit? Using their insulation blower, AWI can get it all done through the tiniest of holes, so you don’t have to rip the walls apart!

With the right insulation, your old home will be more comfortable, more peaceful and overall, more energy efficient.

By the time AWI are done with your home, you’ll have to ask Siri ‘What’s the temperature in Canberra today?’.

So, if you’re suffering from NFI, remember – Canberra is cold, but your house doesn’t have to be.

To ‘Canberra Proof’ your home visit Alexander Watson Home Insulation