How would you go walking more than 140kms through the Bush Capital?

That’s exactly what a group of 30 of Canberra’s CEOs have been doing this week, walking the mammoth Centenary Trail since Tuesday to help raise money and awareness for Menslink.

Measuring in at 142km, the trail is longer than the Kokoda Track at 96km and further than the distance to Everest Base Camp at 130km.

Menslink CEO, Martin Fisk said the ambitious fundraiser is designed to raise money but also challenge and inspire those taking part.

“You can’t build resilience without hardship, you can’t build physical and mental fitness without doing some hard yards.”

As of Friday morning, the group which supports young men in the Canberra region, had raised more than $200,000.

The walk wraps on Saturday but beforehand Martin Fisk checked in with Cam & Kristen.


Find out more about Menslink and listen to the chat below:

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