Planning an end of year holiday is always a fun time, with many Aussies often running off to the tropics to make the most of their summer. This year is obviously going to be different, seeing more of us opting for a nice summer stay-cation in the Capital and surrounding regions.

The country has been slowly opening back up after having shut down over the last several months, and with borders starting to reopen again, Canberrans are now able to freely travel between the ACT and South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland and from (26 October) to Tasmania without the need to quarantine. The result of this of course is that Canberra airport is making it easier, and cheaper to visit some of your favourite Australian destinations!

If you love spending your time on the Sunshine Coast you can currently score yourself a one-way flight for $169, or if you prefer to spend you time in Cairns, one-way flights are going for $275.

Cairns Esplanade Queensland Australia | Photomatic Agent | Flickr

Not a fan of the warmer weather in Queensland? Alternatively you can spend you holiday in Port Macquarie, with one- way flights starting at $149

Canberra Airport is currently flying to 8 destinations within Australia, so your holiday plans for this year can still have plenty of potential, even if they aren’t where you had hoped they would be this year.

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