We all know the story about the Grinch that stole Christmas but what about the Grinch that was stolen at Christmas?

That’s exactly what’s happened to one Canberra family over the weekend, who found their Christmas decorations had been stolen during an overnight raid.

Gordon resident Lauren Flett said she woke up on Sunday to see her family’s hard work was missing in action.

“The whole display has taken me over a month, we spent the whole day on Saturday putting them up and the Grinch was actually zip-tied so it would’ve taken effort to cut them off.”

The 5 ft 9 Grinch decoration wasn’t the only thing stolen, with a Dory fish also taken from the home and a few other smaller pieces.

Ms Flett said she still can’t believe someone could take the festive favourites right out of their front yard.

“My sister has god children that haven’t even seen them yet, so it was a bit disappointing.”


However, she remains hopeful they might still be returned.

“If they turn up one night we won’t ask any questions, we’re just interested in getting them back.”

Police are investigating the incident while it looks like Santa’s naughty list now has another name.

Picture: The missing Grinch decoration [Supplied]