Canberra, we have your newest podcast obsession as our very own Courts (who is a part of Wilko & Courts team) has a new series named ‘Mothertime Madness’ that is available now on iHeartRadio and wherever you listen to podcasts.

Courts is excited to share her podcast with Canberra and the rest of the world as it documents her time becoming a mother. The podcast, ‘Mothertime Madness’ was born out of mothers guilt, the hilarity of toddlers and the relentlessness of having two under two. And, it felt appropriate that it was named after a play on words to the song Summertime Sadness.

Courts tells us a little bit more about the podcast. “I entered the world of motherhood for the first time in 2018 and the second time in 2020 and they were both vastly different experiences – physically and emotionally. However, the one constant is that motherhood is the bumpiest, most fun and weirdest ride of your life. After I’d had my first, I was arrogant about how easily I took to motherhood; a baby who sleeps and works around my life, I’d done it! I am the best mother ever! Then my second came along and I was in a world of pain. I was an emotional wreck and I couldn’t stand the thought that I was the only person who’d ever felt like this. So, I started reaching out to my mum-friends, many of them I only knew from the internet, who insisted I wasn’t alone and that the feelings would pass. Well, I didn’t want to believe them when they said it, but they were right. I decided to take the guilts and pains of motherhood and post about it on my Instagram with humour and vulnerability.”

Courts also shares, “The Mothertime Madness Podcast is a focus on the different things mums of Canberra are facing, and how they’re getting through it. It’s a place to feel comfort when you’re in a dark spot or hope when you’re not feeling very hopeful. It’s a place to laugh and cry and enjoy the ride. Motherhood is absolute madness. It’s love, it’s anger, it’s sadness. It’s strength and weakness. It’s vulnerability. It’s spills, and smiles, it’s balance and routine. It’s laughter and days out and nights in. It’s everything.”

The Mothertime Madness Podcast is available now wherever you get your podcasts and if you want to keep up with Courts head over to her Instagram page @with.courts.

Listen to the podcast here.