A donation drive has been launched to help students and families of Malkara School as they have been put into a two week isolation due to a positive case. Malkara School provides education to students with significant intellectual disability and other associated impairments.

The donation drive has been started by Charlie (a local student) and his mother, Mel Clode, Mel shared a message on Facebook that read.

Charlie needs your help to help his friends

Malkara School has been impacted by the devasting effects of Covid-19.

My five year old Charlie attends kindergarten at Malkara School – an incredible school that provides specialist preschool and primary education to kids with significant intellectual disabilities.

In Charlie’s case it means that despite having had strokes, heart surgeries , epilepsy, brain damage and a complex medical life – he still has access to a high quality education with caring staff who feel like part of our family. Sadly Covid-19 has come in and visited our beautiful school. Charlie wasn’t there at the time and so we have capacity to help all our friends that were.
Many Malkara families and staff have been impacted by Covid-19 and are now isolated – some with Covid-19. This is a very hard time physically and emotionally for these families. The impact of this nasty virus on very vulnerable communities like ours is devastating.

Over the coming week we will be doing a drive to help the families of at least 16 children and 30 staff feel the love of our bigger community. We really need your help.
We will be initially pulling together treat care packs and need donations of the following:

  • 50 boxes/baskets or other that can be used to deliver goods
  • Things for kids to do at home for example: small lego/duplo kits, playdough, bubbles, sticker books, pencils, crayons, chalk, new kids magazines, indoor and outdoor toys
  • Treat food for example: pancake mix, cupcake mix, lollies, chips, biscuits
  • Treats for adults for example: new magazines, cosmetics such as lipgloss , handcream, sachets of tea and hot chocolate.
  • Gift vouchers for online purchases for example: uber eats or other food digital gift cards.

Businesses are also encouraged to get involved by supplying meals, goods or services that can be delivered contactless.

If you want to get involved and assist those at Malkara School there are contact details provided on this Facebook post.

Alternatively drop off locations have been set up at:

  • 12 Thurgood Court, Gordon
  • 37 Jaeger Circuit, Bruce
  • Ngunnawal Street Pantries
  • 22 Bullala Court, Ngunnawal
  • 2 Gamba Square, Ngunnawal