It’s school holidays and we know what many parents around the capital are thinking – how can I entertain the kids so they don’t destroy the house?

Well we have the answer for you, and you’re welcome Canberra.

Questacon is offering to take visitors on a Mission to Mars – a new experience in line with physical distancing and health guidelines.

While most visitors are used to all the hands-on exhibits, given the COVID-19 situation, it needs to be hands-off for now.

Mission to Mars is a super fun 90-minute tour through select galleries, wrapping up with a look at the centre’s new seven metre Mars globe! How cool!

“Mars has always been a source of fascination, and successive space missions have revealed the potential for microbial life early in the evolution of the planet. Questacon’s Mission to Mars introduces the challenges to be faced before humans eventually step onto the Martian surface,” Questacon Director, Professor Graham Durant, said.

“Through this experience we aim to inspire further curiosity about Mars, the other planets in our Solar System, and beyond. Three international space missions to Mars are scheduled to launch in the coming months. In 2021 we might well find evidence of former life on another planet!”


The tours cater for a maximum of 15 people per session, with several time slots on offer.

But it’s proven to be very popular, with tickets selling like hot cakes!

To secure your spot, book your tickets online today!