Allergies are a sadistic curse! Why on earth does our immune system insist on launching a fruitless war each spring? It’s like a bad-tempered little mutt that can’t put the teeth and bark away! Bad! BAD DOG!

What’s most frustrating is that the humiliating runny nose, maddeningly itchy eyes and numbing pressure inside the face are all completely unnecessary! It achieves NOTHING! Nothing but misery…

But you can’t let allergies rob you of perhaps nature’s greatest season. Stay strong! Find your inner resolve, pop another antihistamine, and reflect on all the wonderful things that come with spring. The things that make all this suffering worthwhile…

More sunshine

After Canberra’s long chilling winter, it’s such a joy to leave work with usable daylight! Time to water the garden or take the dog for a walk or maybe fire up the BBQ. Pure mental health protein!

“My skin doesn’t hurt”


Milder temperatures mean happier skin! Not just relief from the dryness that comes from icy air, but the sadness that comes from icy air on the skin. It’s cruel! Spring means no more delaying going to bed because it’s too cold. No more delaying getting up because it’s too cold. No more delaying going to the toilet because it’s just too DARN COLD. Happy skin = less delays!

Sweet breezes

That little additional warmth also means flowing air is no longer something to be feared. Instead of making you shudder, a breeze kisses the skin and invigorates the senses. The sweet caress of nurturing mother nature.

Greenery and flowers

Longer daylight hours and a little rain sees our gardens and suburbs and parks burst back to life. Green is scientifically proven to soothe the human mind and as barren trees fill out with lush foliage, that soothing is particularly welcome this year. The beautiful splashes of colour from spring blooms lift the mood even higher. We might just see out 2020 with a smile!


You can open your windows

I’m pretty sure the price of temperature regulated air from conditioning units is that they suck the oxygen out of it. Fresh air coming through an open window is much more breathable and without the synthetic flavour.

Baby animals

I ride into work and on way I travel under a bridge next to a creek. Nothing untoward under this bridge… just a family of ducks. And it brings a smile to my face every time to see the little duckling motoring around in the shallow water. Did you know baby swans are called cygnets? Or you can just call them adorable.

Vitamin sunshine


Gotta be sun smart but that golden orb helps our bodies manufacture vitamin D. A vitamin that not only assists with weight loss but plays an important role in maintaining a good mood! Enjoy in moderation but “Bloody cheers!”

Outdoor fun

It’s official! Outdoors feels good again! Going for a hike or bike ride or walking by your favourite body of water is an irresistible lure into mother nature. And a by-product of enjoying the outdoors?… ‘EXERCISE’! It just happens! CRAZY!

So, don’t let allergies get you down. These and many other wonderous gifts of spring are waiting for you to enjoy! GO GET ‘EM! 😊

WARNING: Many of these benefits of spring may exacerbate your allergies.