Have you ever been stuck for some dinner party conversation?

COVID restrictions have eased in the ACT but with the wet weather expected in Canberra this weekend, some people may be tempted to change their plans for a night out to a night in.

That got Kristen & Nige thinking about some Dinner Party Conversations that a sure to prove a hit around dining tables in the Nation’s Capital this weekend.

Kristen kicked it off by asking ‘What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?’.

Nige was quick to respond.

“Everyone looks stupid, going to pat a horse that they don’t own.”

“If it’s not your horse and someone says you can go and give him a pet – you still approach the horse with a great deal of caution reaching out like its a cactus.”


Their list quickly grew and I think it’s fair to say we’ve all looked ‘silly’ dong some of these things.

Listen to the chat below: