Everyday in Australia there are more than 180 reports of child abuse.

Every two weeks a child dies at the hands of an adult who’s meant to protect them.

The ACT has more than 800 children living in and out of home care because of abuse or neglect, that means roughly one child in every classroom are in need of care and protection.

This week is Foster and Kinship Care Week, recognising the amazing work of more than 500 carers in the Canberra region who are providing a safe home for vulnerable kids to thrive.

One family who’ve made a difference are Wayne and Fiona. In 2007 they accepted the placement of four children, aged nine, eight, six and four years old. Those kids are now grown adults who thrived in Wayne and Fiona’s care.

“Fostering a sibling group has been one of the most challenging things we have ever done as a family. That said, keeping them together allowed them to maintain their important sibling relationships whilst being able to form their own identities and a healthy attachment to us.

“It’s been a long, frustrating, fun, overwhelming, awesome, difficult, rewarding, and life-changing journey – and it’s been well worth it!”


ACT Together is always in need of foster carers. Single, married, or partnered, those with a full house, or empty nesters, people who are able to care for a child as little as a weekend per month, to those that will welcome a child into their family for life.

As a community we are so vigilant in responding to the needs of children and ensuring their safety, but ACT Together needs more people to step up.  If becoming a foster carer is something you’ve been considering, jump online to the ACT Together website, or call 1300 WEFOSTER.


Sammy Rose