Helping local businesses is so key right now. One industry that is continually adapting their model is hospitality. In fact, a new service has just been be launch for locals, owned by locals. It’s a part of this new dark kitchen movement.

We haven’t heard of this before, so we did some digging. The dark kitchen movement aims to keep hospitality workers employed and keep Canberra fed. Dark kitchens create meals exclusively for the takeaway market. Following this model, participating venues will create standardised meals for the community to keep the wheels of the industry turning.

This new platform is called No Biggie. Launched by the Mark Agency, this dark kitchen food service has been created as an additional revenue stream for the local hospitality industry. The ready-to-eat meals will be available in addition to the venues takeaway/delivery option to support the local community during this time of crisis, and deliver delicious, simple, and fresh foods. The meals, which can be conveniently heated or frozen for later use are launching at $10 (SIGN ME UP) to ensure that local residents have access to optimal nutrition.

Right now, No Biggie has launched with some local faves including:

  • Assembly
  • Little Oink
  • Siren Bar
  • Walt and Burley
  • The Howling Moon
  • Monster
  • The Duxton AND MORE…

This is exactly what we need in a time like this. I mean, who needs to cut down on their meal breaks… I know I do.

Get online today and sign up – I know I will be. YUM.