The face of Manuka is set to change with expressions of interest being sought to design a large mural on the iconic Endeavour House building, located on the corner of Canberra Avenue and Captain Cook Crescent.

Ethical Property, the owner of Endeavour House, is calling for emerging, local artists to design a 12m x 32m mural wall on a prominent, external wall facing both traffic on Canberra Avenue and the main shopping precinct of Manuka.

The theme for the mural is climate change, as chosen by the tenant community of Endeavour House and the local traders within Manuka shopping precinct. The theme of climate change was considered the most relevant and pressing issue facing our community.

The winning design will receive a $25,000 artist fee, with the design being decided by a public vote held in February 2021.

Adam Trevaskus, Chief Executive Officer of Ethical Property, believes that art has an important role to play in activating spaces and hopes the mural will become an evolving conversation starter for the community.

“We saw an opportunity to take our graffitied wall and instead of painting it white, to instead create an inspiring, topical art that would bring colour to Manuka,” said Trevaskus. “We hope to encourage local artists, particularly First Nations and People of Colour, to share their voice on Climate Change.”

“Endeavour House was purchased to become a destination where conversations that matter take place. So, it seemed fitting that the mural be a creative expression of our community’s main concern for the future. We undertook a community survey about a range of social issues and climate change repeatedly came out on top as a pressing social issue. For us, it was crucial to center the theme on what is really important to the local people. We know there are differing views about climate change, and this is where the opportunity for respectful engagement and discussion can occur – but regardless of differing views we can all agree that we want a better future for our children.”


“We also appreciate that a community’s concerns can change, which is why we are committing to regularly update the mural to reflect the focus of our tenant community.”

“Our property platform is designed to attract people who want to address a range of social challenges together in the form of a “home” for changemakers…so we develop workspaces that’s easy-to-work-in and we create an easy- to-work-with environment for the changemaker ecosystem to achieve their social impact goals. Endeavour House embodies the “platform for change” because we were commissioned to fulfil a vision for the site, which was to create a space for the conversations that matter to happen, close to the centre of Federal power.”

Applications will close at 5pm on Sunday 31 January 2021. For more information, artists are encouraged to contact or visit