With Kristen away on maternity leave, I’ve been filling in for her on air the last few weeks. In that time I decided it would be fun to help you guys get to know our current on air team better! Check out my Q and A below:

  1. Best thing about Canberra?
  2. First ever concert?
  3. Do you have any tattoos?
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world (other than Canberra) where would it be?
  5. Person you would most love to have dinner with?
  6. What’s better north side or south side?

TAMARA answers:

  1. I love all the restaurants here and the Lake Burley Griffin walk
  2. Black Eyed Peas
  3. None!
  4. England (sounds gloomy), but I love the people, accents, and pubs over there
  5. Shane Warne.. So he could tell me all his war stories
  6. Southside so much better

NIGE answers:

  1. Best thing is its big enough to have good cinemas, but small enough that you don’t get knifed on your way home
  2. John Farnham, 1983, Whispering Jack Tour at Bruce stadium
  3. Yes, one on my right shoulder
  4. Perth, it’s beautiful and isolated
  5. Journalist Christopher Hitchens.. I love everything he stands for
  6. North Side

CAM answers:

  1. Best thing about Canberra, SPRING!
  2. Midnight oil, 1984 at Horden Pavilion
  3. Just one!
  4. Anywhere there is a beach
  5. Bon Scott from ACDC
  6. South side

– Tamara