There are exciting things happening at Questacon. They’ve recently opened a new exhibition called ‘Australia in Space’, which celebrates the Australian space sector and explores the benefits of space technologies here on earth.

This is a must see exhibition and is great for kids and adults. One of the favourite parts of the exhibition is a large scale experience that allows you the ability to drive a simulated martian rover over the surface of Mars and mine for specific natural resources. Questacon has also recreated a space habitat, so you can understand how astronauts live in space. Both of these displays are something you don’t get to see every day and is unique to this exhibition in Canberra.

Listen to Cam and Renee’s chat with Dr Bobby Cerini, Deputy Director and General Manager of Science and Learning about the exhibition and what else in on offer.

Questacon is open 7 days a week. To gain access to this exhibition, pre-booked tickets are highly encouraged.

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