A new dining experience has entered the Braddon arena that’ll leave you open minded with a new perspective of dining out.

An all-time first for me, this meal experience had me escaping reality and embodying a food critique, where my opinion had a genuine effect on the menu.

Canberra’s much-loved Sage has redefined eating out, with a new menu that you get to be involved in.

Forget about your typical catch up, ranting about work and the kids. This unique feedback system using just a table stamp and pencil, will have you deep into conversation about the texture of the coriander squid ink crisp.

Your ratings and comments determine the future menu with a pool of over 40 dishes being added, altered and taken out weekly to achieve the perfectly balanced, crowd favourite menu. Clever, right?

All whilst your experimenting with new flavours and combinations on plates presented like small pieces of art.

Following South-East Asian style cooking methods and using Australian native bush ingredients, Sage’s new menu gives definition to what Australian cuisine really is.


Finger limes, kefir limes, native sea blight, plump and juicy coastal ground cover karkalla, native peach quandong…

Ingredients native to our country that you may have never heard of, which are bursting with unique flavours.

I found myself embracing foods I’d usually avoid and then ranking them at the top of my list.

All whilst experiencing different textures – soft, crunchy, smooth, creamy, chewy, light, all in the one mouthful.

Like the creamy lemongrass ice cream, scattered with fresh Thai basil granita, crunchy freeze-dried mandarin, crisp and crumbly meringue drops and soft quandong.

You can experience this high quality 5 course meal for $75 every day. And for just an extra $25 they’ll pair each course with beautiful local wines.


From Mount Majura Sparkling and Tempranillo Touriga Blend to Brindabella Hills Ava Rosé and Murrumbateman’s Long Rail Gully Pinot Gris.

All of which only amplify the dining experience and complement each dishes flavour.

Unlike your typical meal out, Sage’s new definition of dining and its inventive menu will invigorate you to try something different and explore the world of food.

You’ll find yourself immersed in the experience.

So, if you’re looking to eat outside of the box and experience food at a deeper level, the new taste Sage will not disappoint.

Book online here or call 02 6249 6050.