Well, it’s fair to say, it’s been long a year. One thing that helps break up a hard-working year is of course a getaway! Whether you spend a lot of money on an overseas trip each year, or you simply head to your favourite caravan park down the coast, either way, you can’t beat that holiday feeling!  This year for me personally, I had a few domestic holidays lined up throughout the year. In March I was meant to visit my sister-in-law up in Broome and in April I was meant to be celebrating my Mum’s 60th in sunny Byron Bay.

With a lack of options this year, the humble stay-cation comes to mind! I must admit, getting a nice hotel for the night (or two) sounds just as good a longer trip.  I mean, a break is a break right? The main positive is you don’t even have to spend much on travel at all. In Canberra, the best hotels are only 15 minutes away usually.

I’ve listed my top 5 stay-cations in Canberra:

  1. Hotel Realm
  2. The Vibe Hotel at the Airport
  3. Ovolo Nishi (you can even take your dog)
  4. The Burbury
  5. Peppers Gallery Hotel Canberra

If you’re looking for a short break, definitely try checking out one of these awesome hotels!

Tamara Cartwright