Nothing matches the exhilaration of flying! It creates an intoxicating freedom that’s addictive. It’s best in the morning when the air is clean, and the day is new. Take off is second nature with a little practice. From a step I simply lean forward and lift my right leg, pivot onto the tippy toe of my left and with little push, I raise my foot… and I’m away, soaring in an instant, the ground rushing by beneath.

I can now wield speed with almost effortless control. As I fly over the Amaroo Hills, I sail past the morning commuters facing the tedium of gridlock. I feel their envious gaze behind me.

The freedom and exhilaration are reward enough but cruising in the open air comes with many riches. As I suck oxygen deep into my lungs every part of my body feels alive and energised. My vision is clear. My hearing, sharp.

From my vantage point I see, hear and feel details of the day that most people miss or simply ignore wrapped in their cars…

Spotted at Hanging Rock north of Melbourne

The sky: a magical changing canopy all around me.

The morning sounds of nature’s busy creatures starting a new day.


A pair of rainbow lorikeet’s sharing my flight path before twisting away.

A close encounter with a bee or butterfly as I speed past.

The sparkling silver of reflected sunlight turning patches of frost back to dew.

The first blossoms of spring, invisible from the road.

Honey bee pollinating on almond blossoms.

Sure, in the middle of winter icy conditions can make the prospect of take-off daunting… but once I’m away the crisp air is even more invigorating and the sky a sweeter blue.


Flying is a gift. It’s fast and harmonious with the environment. Practiced daily, it keeps me fit and it ignites my metabolism to start the day. And nothing resets the mind more expertly than a flight through nature.

From the experience I’ve gained over hundreds of flight hours, the only downside… is having to land. It’s magic!

Try it! You’ll LOVE the exhilaration of flying to work on a bike.