Ah, summer in Australia. Known around the world for its scorching heat, dry landscapes, thunderstorms, bipolar temps and the largest hailstorm since 1999… Oh wait, that’s just Canberra.

Feel like you’re still waiting for the Canberra summer to kick in? And better yet, for it to stay? Me too.

But no need to frantically scour Flight Centre’s website for the best deal. Here’s some tips on how to create your own warm Safari style, in the comfort of your own, less sandy home.

  1. Live with a little leather

Start off by building your foundation with strong focal points. And what better way to do so than with the addition of quality leather. A pop of authentic leather tones can really tie a room together. And don’t be afraid to try something unique! Like Domayne’s ‘Santorini’ Leather Lounge, upholstered in genuine cowhide leather, featuring a textured quilting design that can only enhance your desert chic aesthetic.

  1. Go wild with bold graphic designs

Now’s the time to go crazy and let out that loopy alter ego you’ve been suppressing! For an effortless exotic desert style, have fun and add statement pieces full of bold, colourful design. Think an eye-catching print, animal motif and two or three Southwestern Desert-style patterned cushions to set the mood of the wild frontier.

  1. Experiment with earthy accessories

Rustic textures and sun-scorched hues are sure to get you in an exotic mood. Add a simple, wood-based lamp to balance the room, and don’t forget a touch of greenery. Go wild with a variety of faux cacti (or a real one if you want to teach the kids a lesson) and style them in woven potholders to perfect your exotic savannah look.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to have a home too hot to handle. For more styling tips and tricks, check out Domayne’s range of Safari styled products here.