Today we insulate our homes better than ever before, from the very hot to the very cold seasons in Canberra insulation is a must. Our homes now are so much better at keeping you and your family warm in winter and cooler in summer as the air from outside just does not come in anymore. One of the big issues that arise from this, air from inside is constantly recycled with more inside air.  This can potentially result in poor air quality from CO2, dampness, general living, and household chemicals. Another issue is the build-up of water vapour in the air. Common in Canberra, water vapour in the air creates condensation which can lead to all types of fungi, mould, and dampness. Yep, the black stuff you find in your bathroom and even on your walls that just does not seem to go way. Over time, this mould can potentially make you very unwell. This is something that you do not want to have this inside your house or apartment effecting family members and pets. This means it might be time to get a mechanical ventilation system from Ventit.

How does the Ventit system work?

A mechanical ventilation system is installed with sensors in each room you need ventilated. Poor quality air is sensed and pumped through the system so it can be removed. Fresh air is then introduced back into the home essentially replacing the old air. These sensors constantly monitor the moister, Co2 and other chemical levels and will ensure high quality clean is flows throughout your home. The customised ventilation system creates a warmer, drier home that reduces the appearance of mould and dampness.

The Ventit system also allows you to have rooms ventilated in different ways throughout the day. If you prefer more ventilation in your room at night, you can access the system and set it up so you can sleep easier while breathing fresh air all night through.  Who does not love that?

Where can the Ventit system be installed?

The Ventit system can be installed in houses, townhouses, offices, and apartments. With the insulation of Ventit systems in older homes, they have seen substantial results in the suburbs of Canberra. These homes are more susceptible to poor air quality due to the age of the house and the Ventit system has cleared away a great deal of issues including mould and fungi.


Who benefits from a Ventit system?

Anyone can benefit from the installation of this ventilation system. If you have breathing issues, this system will assist with keeping the air clean and ease the problems you have.

Want to find out more? Head to the Ventit website as they will be able to answer all your questions about the installation of a new ventilation system.