This week Can Give Day will be held to raise funds for the Canberra Hospital Foundation. One of the major events on the day is the Singing Competition. This is a little different than your regular competitions. Contestants can only enter if they have roots in Canberra and must raise money for the Canberra Hospital Foundation. This plays into the judging as the vote will be split between talent and how much money they have raised.

Cam and Kristen were lucky enough to chat to Leo Sayer who will be judging this year’s competition. This is very exciting for those who have entered.

Listen below:

Can Give Day:

Date: Friday, 29th of October 2021
Time: Fundraising has already begun, but you can watch the livestream online and vote at
For more information on the singing competition, visit the website.
The Canberra Hospital Foundation hopes to raise $250,000 to help support the amazing work of our frontline staff.

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