People ask Cam and I all the time, “so what is it really like working with Nige?”. Well, we’re finally going to PROPERLY answer your burning question and give you a behind the scenes of what Nige is really like.

  1. His Dad jokes are unbearable (and he’s not even a Dad)
    If you’re a listener of MIX, you’d know that Nige isn’t a Dad and doesn’t choose to be.  Despite this though, his Dad Jokes are next level. I mean puns are great, but we need a drip feed of puns, not puns in every sentence (by we, I mean, myself and Cam).
  2. Good at fixing tyres in the middle of the night
    Nige admits he hasn’t been gifted nor works to improve his ‘tradie hands’ BUT he is good at taking phone calls in the middle of the night, coming outside in the pouring rain and replaces your tyre (THANKS NIGE). In his own words, “doing these things makes me feel masculine”.
  3. His wardrobe is… interesting
    For someone who chooses not to be a Dad, he sure dresses like one.  His wardrobe consists of three t-shirts on rotation, and our favourite part.. Two pairs of trackies.  One for “Going out” (his words) and one for “gardening” (even though he admits he loathes getting in the garden).
  4. He’s the grammer police
    He prides himself on his command of the English language.  He doesn’t care what you say, he just cares how you say it.  It’s Nige’s most endearing (yet annoying) quality.  Don’t get us wrong, we love learning and always want to be corrected on a mistake, but when you’re in the middle of a story that’s peaking.. Nige correcting us, kind of ruins the moment. Also, for fellow grammar policemen and women, yes, we purposely spelt grammar wrong in the heading to see if he would notice.. I give it 5 seconds.
  5. All jokes aside.. he’s the most generous person
    We’re all actually really good friends, having known Nige for the last 2.5 years, and 20 years for Cam (WHAT?!), we give him grief out of love and respect.  He is the first person to ask us how we’re going if it looks like we’re in a terrible mood.  He’d give you the shirt off his back, and the last coffee pod left in the jar.

On a side note, Nige, myself, Cam and Kristen want to wish all of our wonderful listeners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thankyou SO much from the bottom of our hearts, for tuning in every morning with us and connecting with what we do.  We can’t do it without you! Kristen is back on-air with Nige in January 2021, and we’re bloody excited for what’s to come. Stay safe, Canberra!