A catch up between Kristen and some friends was cut short over the weekend after her friend’s child started to act up.

The parents ‘threatened’ to leave if their kid kept up the behaviour and actually followed through when their child refused to listen.

It got Kristen & Nige thinking back to when they grew up and the techniques their parents used to use to get them to behave.

Annette from Gungahlin called the guys to share the ‘threat’ her parent’s used to use to make sure she’d be back at home on time.

“If you weren’t home by a certain time, you were locked out.”

Unluckily for Annette, her parents were messing around and she learnt that the hard way when she got home one day, 10 minutes after her curfew.

“They actually locked me out of the house and I sat on the back veranda for two and a half hours in the dark.”


Listen to the chat below: