We all know how seriously Melburnians take their coffee, but there has to be a ceiling on how much you would pay for a good cup, right?

One cafe in Melbourne’s east is stretching Melbourne’s love for a good cup to the absolute extremes.

Gesha cafe in Surrey Hills has begun selling cups of Yuzo-style coffee for a staggering $198. Obviously, the $198 cup of coffee is marketed towards the biggest aficianados

Cafe owner Ken Taing told 7News that the cup is worth the expense for the flavour, describing the brew as “the most unique and beautiful coffee in the world”.

And while you might think that the cuppa is just a bit of a menu stunt, there are actually real people forking out the almost two hundred bucks for the taste.

7News reports that at least one customer orders a $198 cuppa at least once a month.

What do you reckon, would you fork over the cash?