It’s that time of the year again, full of Christmas spirit, fun with friends and family, the hot summer sun (plus a few dust storms and cold temps) and of course, the job of finding the perfect Christmas present for all your loved ones.

It seems to get harder and harder every year, because these days, if someone wants something, they’ll get it. Clothes, tech, books, wine, you name it, they’ve got it.

So, the question is: What do you get someone who already gets themselves everything?

And the answer is easy… give them an experience. Give them the unique experience of Floating at Astral Float.

60 blissful minutes in a tank full of warm, salty water, enabling you to float effortlessly and completely let go. No touch, no smell, no sound, no vision – it’s the ultimate escape, opening up a whole other dimension.

And its benefits are endless, with one hour of sleep in a tank equalling 4 hours of deep sleep. They’re also proven to reduce swelling and joint pressure, increase endorphins and creative thinking, speed up physical recovery, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, the list goes on…

Being the first Float Studio in Canberra, the team at Astral Float are the industry experts and have designed their studios to ensure you can reach peak relaxation. They have a range of enclosed and open tanks that cater for everyone and are accessible for people living with a disability. Whether you’re a meditator, an athlete, young, old, pregnant, and everything in between, Floating can physically, mentally and emotionally set you free.


This Christmas don’t give something that will sit in the cupboard all year… give the unique experience of Floating at Astral Float. Buy gift cards at Astral Float Studio’s Northside or Southside locations or shop online at