The ACT Government has made the decision to cancel next year’s Multicultural Festival.

ACT Multicultural Affairs Minister, Tara Cheyne said the ‘difficult’ decision was made after the team tasked with organising the event had to be diverted to the ACT’s COVID-19 response when the Territory was placed into lockdown.

“The multicultural community, like the entire Canberra community, was hit hard by lockdown and it was important for us to ensure that the multicultural community was supported.”

“Given the lead time it takes to deliver such a large-scale event, alongside the redeployment of staff to support the ACT’s multicultural community through the COVID-19 outbreak, planning and implementing a 2022 festival ultimately became unfeasible.”

Next year’s event was supposed to be the festival’s 25th anniversary celebrations after having been cancelled in 2021.

Plans are now underway for the event to go ahead in its full scale in 2023.

Funding set aside for the event in the most recent ACT Budget, to the tune of $400,000, will now be used to help support the participation of multicultural organisations in other local events such as the city’s Australia Day and Canberra Day celebrations.

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