Australian Environment Minister Sussan Ley has told media that approximately 30% of the NSW Koala population was likely to have been wiped out in the recent bushfires.

Ley stated that “up to 30% of their habitat has been destroyed,” and went on to say that it’s a fair amount of the animal’s population that would have been wiped out as well

“We’ll know more when the fires are calmed down and a proper assessment can be made,”

The minister continued by saying other animals at risk of endangerment, such as the Dunnart on Kangaroo Island and the Western Ground Parrot are also in need of support.

“It doesn’t need to be fluffy and cute, it can be scaly and scratchy, and it’s just as important to me as environment minister but also to the Australian environment.

“Climate change is a huge issue and we are playing our part. We are meeting and beating our targets, it’s very important that we do that. My focus is on the things we can do on the ground, with practical action here in Australia that do make a difference.”