On the second full day of lockdown in the ACT, the number of active cases of COVID-19 has grown to seven.

One new case was recorded on Saturday.

The new infection is a close contact of a previously identified case.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said Canberra’s first full day of lockdown, saw a record number of tests carried out with more than 4,500 swaps taken.

“This is a record day of testing in the ACT.”

On Friday, at the EPIC testing site, a swap was taken every 45 second.

“With increased capacity at Exhibition Park today [Saturday] we expect we expect a test being able to be conducted every 30 second.”


Health Authorities on Saturday have now also confidently linked the initial case of the virus, a Gungahlin man in his 20’s, to the current delta outbreak in Sydney.

Genomic testing on the case in a Gungahlin student is ongoing, so far a link between then and the initial case hasn’t be able to be identified.

The Chief Minister on Saturday said the early response of Canberrans to this outbreak is promising but warns the government is taking the situation one day at a time.

“It’s a good news day today for us but we still have a lot of testing still to get through.”

“I’m pleased we locked down when we did, it was definitely the right decision and has clearly reduced the risk to our community.”

“If this continues, where we have very high levels of testing and we continue to get low case number that are close contacts and we’re able to isolate those people that that is the very best public health response we can put in place.”


None of the seven known cases in the ACT are currently in hospital.

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