The number of people in hospital in the ACT as a result of complications after contracting COVID-19 has risen to four on Tuesday.

That number has grown from just one the day earlier after ACT Health changed the way it reports on the number of people receiving care as a result of the virus.

Previously, a person in hospital was only reported in the official numbers if they were considered as having an ‘active case’ of the virus.

That meant the person was infections and was being treated in the isolation ward.

If they still required care as a result of complications but were no longer considered ‘active’ they were removed from the official tally.

On Tuesday, the official reporting was changed to better reflect the clinical capacity indicators used by the Federal Government.

“Hospitalisation reporting now includes cases cleared of their COVID-19 infection who remain in hospital after their release from isolation.”


As of Tuesday, four COVID patients were receiving care in hospital with 1 in ICU on breathing support.

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